Nice of you to drop by my site. Here you will find a small summary of me.

TLDR; I like computers, games and Ultimate Frisbee. I work for Marin IT  as a Systems Engineer.


I’m a computer professional that enjoy running my own services, playing some games and writing the occasional bit of code.

I am currently on one year furlough from my main job as a systems engineer for Marin IT, an IT Company in the LACO group. During this furlough I am implementing a service desk system for Bjørnafjorden Kommune.


Currently I am on a one year hiatus from Marin IT to implement a new task management system for Bjørnafjorden municipality. They are setting up Pureservice for their IT support staff, and it is slated for other departments as well.

I work as an Operations Systems Engineer for Marin IT AS. I started my career here as a Support technician in the Møgster Management IT Support department, commuting every day to Storebø. Then Marin IT was formed as a consolidation of the IT Departments in Møgster Management, DOF Management and DOF Subsea. All of these are in the LACO corporation.

In Marin IT I continued as a support technician until I moved into the operations department, and I have stayed with operations in its various forms until today.

My main responsibilities are maintaining the Procurement and Maintenance system for DOF Management and DOF Subsea, and I am developing and maintaining Marin ITs internal issue tracking system.


Ultimate Frisbee

I started playing Ultimate Frisbee in 2011. What was to be my first practice at Stemmemyren got cancelled, so I ended up walking around there looking for people throwing a disk, but no-one to be seen. The next time we were six people that showed up. I remember running for maybe five or ten minutes, and then just laying flat on my back catching my breath for fifteen. However I persevered, and am now somewhat a veteran on the team.

I have been trying to get a new team going in Fyllingsdalen, but the Ultimate Community in Bergen might be too small to support three teams.

My accolades includes three bronze medals from the Nationals, a gold medal from the Students Cup during Bergen Challenge, and being Spirit Captain for the 2015 Norwegian National Team during the European Ultimate Championship in Denmark, where we won the Spirit of the Game award!

Frisbee golf

They say that frisbee golf is what old ultimate players are retiring to, and I guess that might be true. For several years I’ve muttered that “I’m too old for this shit” when I’m being out run by the younglings playing Ultimate. And while it is all well and good to see a disc follow the line you were aiming for, it is NOTHING like putting a cross field hammer into the hands of your team mates.

That being said, I play with Stormkast in Fyllingsdalen, and Lynghaugparken is my home course. I am hoping to build one in Os, though so that I don’t have to drive so far to practice.

Computer games

I have three main computer gaming groups that I regularly play with. Every Saturday “The Company” hosts raids in Anarchy Online, where we gather players to slay “The Beast”, and slaughter various aliens. Anarchy Online is an old (and, sadly, dying) game, but it keeps us in touch with each other.

I also play Day of Defeat with The Homeguard. This is WW2-inspired first person shooter. It is based on the HalfLife2 engine, and is starting to show it’s age as well.

GameME stats
GameME stats

Lastly I have recently taken up America’s Army. This is also a First Person Shooter, with emphasis on a more realistic scenario. It is like Counter-Strike in gameplay, but weapons are less accurate, and you can’t take very many hits.